tomodachi to, watashi no story~ kami suka, kami bahagia, kami gembira..

01 December 2011

keterharuan keterlampauan

olla friends!! dup dap dup dap jantung wa hari ni. senyum sampai ke telinge.. nape yea?? ehee.. let me story..

today... jeng jeng jeng!!!

ade seorang hamba Allah yang sangat disayangi do something yang membuatkan my heart berdegup pantas!
siyes woo!! ta pernah rase pasaan camtu. it my first tym feeling that feel when i be with him.
mane tak nye, seorang lelaki yang cukup kasar, tak romantik, selambe, tetibe give me a rose with surprising way.
weh! gle ko! nak gugur jantung wa!
 rase panas je muke. tak semena pasaan malu yang teramat sangat datang. hahaha..
wa yang ta malu ni, tetibe rase malu yang teramat sangat disebabkan hal yg kecik jek. pelik kan?
tp bg wa dat moment sgt bermakne. hope it can happen again.
u are the best dear. u make my heart melt.ngee~ gdik cket. lalalalaaaa..
 thanx to MOHD SHAMEE BIN MOHD SALEHUDDIN coz da buat wa happy semula walaupun macam2 da happen in my life.
 thanx a lot dear! u are my bez friend (hope to be soulmate) i ever had! i mish you...


29 November 2011

love and hatred

I love to test
I hate to remind

I love to wait
I hate to repeat

I love being naughty
I hate being selfish

I love to talk
I hate to critic

I love to write
I hate to read

I love intelligence
I hate nitwit

I love giving chance
I hate being ignored

I love to think
I hate to remember

I love future
I hate the past

I love to plan
I hate to fail

I love smiling
I hate crying

I love to love
I hate to lost

I love him
I hate him


28 November 2011

boy and girl

olla friends!! what ur feeling ryt now? do u happy? or are u in trouble? ehheee.. lets chill out and read this. it just for fun and not related with any person. it is only from my perspective.

*girls will never forget anything that her boyfriend want and she will try to fulfill his wants. she will get disappointed if she fail to fulfill what his boyfriend want.

+boys easily forget what his girlfriend want and he will get angry when his girlfriend just keep quite without reminding him what she wanted.

*girls will go to meet her boyfriend when they already promise to meet although her friends ask them to hang out together.

+boys will follow his friends to watch football match or playing snooker although he has promise with his girlfriend.  he will said: "syg, i nak g men snuker ni ngan mmbe. len kali la kte kuar k. dyowang da ajk, ta sdap la klau ta ikut. klau nak kuar gak, kte kuar kjp je ea."

*girls will said she is OK although she mad at her boyfriend.

+boys will get angry and scold his girlfriend when he can't hold his feeling anymore.

*girls will always ask for break up when there are many problem.

+boys will maintain and improve his relationship although it is  hard.

do u agree with me? cpe agree, raise up ur hand!! cpe tak stuju, sile baling wa dgn tlur skrg.. huhuu.. dats all for this entry.. daddaaaa dear~ 

mish u lorh...
"jgn cdey2.. idup kne eppy seolah2 kite akn rse bahagie tu untuk sekejap aje. so, appreciate that feeling."