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22 May 2010

snowy cherry

olla readers..
this is my 1st tym blogging in this blog..
my name??uhuuu..
it is enough to know me as ChErrY..
i dun noe why i'm suddenly interested in blogging..
uhuks! my english is not so go0d..
but,i'll try ma bez to improve it by writing here..
so that,ma english can be better so0n..
erm..i'm writing to throw out wut i think in my mind..
4 me,not all things we can say to others..
we juz can write from our heart and soul..
it is impossible for others to hear wut is inside our heart..
so that,i feel comfortable to write it rather than saying..
i think,dats all for now..
i'm not so good in blogging..
from now on,i'll try ma bez..
but i'm really hope dat people will not critic it..
i'm juz doing mine..
so,dun interfere in wut i'm doing..
juz mind ur own business..
i hate people 'mengutuk' and 'cm bagus' talking bout others..
people have their own style and way..
so,i really hope they will not talking bad bout wut i'm writing as long as i'm not disturb their life..

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