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16 February 2011

wut to do?? ;(

Oh no! it almost 5a.m..
 but why??
why i can't even close my eyes??
think bout something?

oh no!! i'm curious of something.. but what?? erm.. oh god.. please help your people.. i'm so suffer.. tell me the truth! tell me please~ uwaaaaaaaaaaaa... (rolling on the floor crying)

ops!! i mish my family.. mish them so much! macam nak nangis pon ade. rindunye nak makan bahulu yang ibu buat..

 " ibu.. boleh tak ibu poskan bahulu panas tok k.yong?? uwaaa.. nak balik rumah.."

when can i meet my family?? eee.. truk la camni. asyik homesick je! truk! dah la ade banyak test.. aish! what should i do??? erm.. it will much more better if i pray for myself.. ;(
going now~

p/s: lovey dovey.. accompany me every second yea.. i dun wanna feel lonely.. ;( .. cherry chunky, love you so much!! oh no!! but why i'm calling u cherry chunky??(maybe coz u look yummy..haha) so weird.. no matter what, i need all of yea.. <3


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