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22 November 2011

greatest memory ever

22 novemberr 2011..
guess what??
5 years..! unexpected!it has been 5 years i know someone that successfully take my heart since i was 16..he is the one and only boy that successfully take my heart.a boys with no feelings, no attraction and have nothing special but so perfect and special to me. today is the most important time in my life that i'm waiting since i was 16..i'm waiting for the 5 years.erm.. although we are not together within this 5 years, i'm glad to have him as my friend during that time.and thankful god, we are still friend till now

don't let me go and don't go far from me juz hold my hand whenever i'm sulking with you then i will be calm
.it is not easy to express our feelings towards someone although we know our feeling.juz only i know what i feel, what i gone through and what i'm doing all this while.dear, just god know how much i love u and how much i need u in my life. there are no words i can say to tell you about it. although we always argue on something that we don't really know, i still love the way you are and accept all about you.
really want this(this week):
+ 'MAGNUM' (mkn with my beloved)
+ ribena strawberry
+ NYAM-NYAM (mknn knk2 yg salu wa mkn dlu)
+ Shushi King Kong.. eheeee..
+ mkn snek tepi laut ( dengan dye)
+ playing at playground with him (mne na cr?)
* i want all of that to be his treat

is it to much?? erm.. that are only things that i want that can make me happy. whether i'm happy or not is depend to him. only him.. <3


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